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Sat 5 Jul 2014 11:59
Sea Trials and No Tribulations

Juno got her keel wetted in May and the DYL boys got to work on her. Their challenge was to have her ready for a departure for points south by about the middle of July. Our challenge was to get to know her before we went oceanic and out of reach of mechanical and electrical assistance.

I organised two roughy-toughy weekends with mixed crews for familiarisation, Alison organised a Ladies' Day weekend with John Eustace of DYL as skipper/mascot and, despite very strong winds in the Solent, managed to trial all sales, the tender Alibi II, the champagne capacity of the fridge and the softness of the new down pillows. The thread count on the boat's linen was attested to be the full 420.


Despite ample opportunity to sail in F8, the Ladies Day crew sport their "Juno" sailing tops around the Yacht Haven