We are going to where the butter melts......

Thu 27 Nov 2014 20:15
23:42.86N 025:22.70W

Day Five at Sea - 26/11/14

Wonderful sunrise and calm sea at 8.00 after a windy night. Bacon (Mr Homan's), egg and some home-made Curtis Hayward loaf on deck as it was warm and sunny. After this repast, Bill called for us to put on the large sail (secondary genoa run up the jib track) for running down wind with the Trades. 

Dolphins joined us again to help with the sail change. 

Eating fruit and veg rapidly as we move south, no rotten smells so far but meals dictated by what might go off next. The afternoon was spent fashioning a running repair for the rudder gearbox out of one of the boats two brooms; at least deck swabbing may be curtailed. After some debate it was decided to head south to the Cape Verde islands 300 odd miles away and not totally off route where a permanent repair can be made. Hopefully not adding more than 3-4 days to our trip but assuredly all our butter will melt. Everybody very relaxed about the change of plan which is being characterised as an adventure rather than a major setback.

No fish bites today means no fish supper - and tomorrow is Friday.

Breakages - mmm the steering box - we call it the cake tin