Quiet anchorage in Turks & Caicos Islands

Melvyn Brown
Sun 10 Apr 2011 10:43
21:29.5N 71: 32.3W

Melv arrived in Turks & Caicos at dawn on Friday morning (8th April). It had been a slow, but he says uneventful, journey retracing his steps from the British Virgin Islands. He couldn't make it to the anchorage before dark the night before and so had to wait offshore to undertake the last leg. He says he took 9hrs to do 30miles because the wind was in the wrong direction.

It is a very quiet anchorage, there are just two other boats - one French and one Italian. He was skyping me from an Internet Cafe onshore. I asked him how he was managing for water and he told me he uses nowhere near as much as I did when I was on board (but then I probably washed more frequently and unreasonably elected to eat off plates!). He says he swims to get clean and then rinses off in fresh water which he warming with the abundant solar energy - the temperatures are in the 80's.

He intends to remain in the area for a few weeks until he judges the weather to be suitable to start the journey back across the Atlantic, via The Azores.

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