We went to Atlantic City....and found it was closed!

Melvyn Brown
Wed 20 Oct 2010 19:17

39: 22.7N 74: 25.5W


Atlantic City…..think Blackpool, but without its sophisticated veneer!!


We took the bus downtown.  Today’s challenge was to buy a loaf of bread and pint of milk and made finding a butter dish a simple exercise.  We could have gambled all day, had our nails done, taken advantage of any number of offers of massage, bought hoodies in any shade, but a supermarket….no chance!   We were eventually directed to a corner store (with the usual eclectic selection of staples on offer….which NEVER include fresh fruit or vegetables) where we bought a packet of instant potato (…you say potaeto…), an onion, and a loaf of bread (OK Delia….suggest something appetising using those ingredients).  We declined the milk as it only came in a gallon container!


We did walk down part of the famous Boardwalk.  It is 4.5 miles in total, but with plenty of benches down one side – but wouldn’t you know our luck they were being painted and roped off with “Wet Paint” tape.  “Tacky” is the word I’m looking for I think.  But then any resort looks a bit seedy without the sunshine and crowds.  There are a number of large casinos, including Trump Plaza (I’ll leave you to imagine its tasteful entrance).  The paradox was that opposite the Trump Casino entrance I saw a church offering a free lunch and the queue stretched down the street and around the corner.   The upshot was we felt we had well and truly “done” Atlantic City and yet managed to be back on the boat by 1 o’clock!


Tomorrow we are heading back out to the Atlantic and heading for Cape May.  Am I not right in thinking there isn’t a “Cape” in the world that doesn’t equate with rough weather and ship wrecks…Cape of Good Hope….Cape Horn…. Cape Finisterre..?  The only positive aspect is we have seen whale and dolphin watching trips out to Cape May advertised and we would love to see a whale.  Maybe we will be lucky.




Atlantic City’s Boardwalk – 4.5miles in total