White sand...turquoise seas...80deg (you have to feel sorry for him)

Melvyn Brown
Thu 10 Mar 2011 17:17
23: 06.1N
74: 57.6W
Melv has reached Clarencetown on Long Island (Bahamas).  His trip was uneventful except for the excitement of catching a King fish (Mackerel colours but the size of a small Tuna) which he curried.
The marina is small with just 16 berths, only four of which are occupied, but "expensive" at $1.95 per foot per night.  He specifically chose this particular marina because of its proximity to a grocery store, but when I spoke to him this morning he said he thought the shop had closed and the nearest alternative was in the next town and too far away.  If he doesn't manage to catch another fish he will have to resort to his eclectic collection of tinned foods...there may even be a tin of Icelandic (puffin?) meatballs left.
He expects to leave in the next day or so and then head for the Turks & Cacaos Islands, some 300 hundred miles away and from there to head straight for the Virgin Islands where he is meeting up with his sailing buddies, Richard and John, on March 22nd.