Sightseeing in Reykjavik

Melvyn Brown
Wed 4 Aug 2010 20:58
64:09 N 21: 56.5W
Melvyn is presently in Reykjavik.  He has "done" the Blue Lagoon and was off to see the geysers today.  Last night he told me he was contemplating what to have for his dinner and I suggeste Puffin.  He told me there was a separate "Puffin Menu" which contained smoked Puffin starter and Puffin breast as a main course....but nothing in the way of Puffin ice cream for sweet.  (I can feel a chorus of a Monty Python classic coming on.....)  In the event he went for Artic Chare which he described as a salt water fish 'a bit like trout'.
This morning the weather was OK and so he was expecting to leave for Nova Scotia in the next few days.  It will take him about 2 weeks to sail to Halifax.
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