Halifax, Nova Scotia

Melvyn Brown
Sat 11 Sep 2010 15:21

44:32 N 63:37 W

Melvyn has reached Halifax in Nova Scotia after 'lots of head winds' and 'stopping each night in small harbours'. He left from the lakes where he took shelter, along with two other boats, from the tail end of Hurricane Earl . He still seems to be travelling with at least one of the boats and its crew of two Norwegians whom he describes as 'good company' and says being in convoy 'more fun' than sailing alone.

I have family in Halifax and they took Melvyn and the Norwegians out for a meal yesterday...Greek since you ask....the smoked Puffin presumably a distant memory.

If the weather is favourable he and the Norwegians intend to set off for Boston on Monday. He thinks it will take a week or two as 'it's a long way'. (I rather imagined navigation was a bit more precise....?!)

We have discussed meeting North of Boston and Melvyn has suggested Salem (not sure whether I'm supposed to read anything into that...!), by the sound of it that won't will be before w/b 26th September.


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