Kilmarnock, Virginia

Melvyn Brown
Thu 4 Nov 2010 19:35

37: 41.9N 76: 21.0W


Left our anchor off Bloodsworth Island early this morning, in the mist and rain. Not that the rain came as a surprise.  The weather forecast on the radio had told us there was ‘a 100% certainty of showers’. 


Motored all day, with a little sail up to help us along.  Within sight of Indian Creek the engine started to splutter and we limped into the marina which is about 1.75 miles from the town of Kilmarnock.  We shall stay two nights here in order to give Melv a chance to look at the engine.   Given it gets dark relatively early we shall probably need another stop before reaching Norfolk – where the Intracoastal really begins, and from thereon it is all canal, including the Dismal Swamp which acted as a natural barrier preventing slaves escaping to the North.


Have been listening to National Public Radio – the US equivalent of Radio 4 – and getting up to speed with their politics.  It would appear that O’Malley – the Democratic incumbent for Maryland was one of the few to retain his seat in the face of a massive swing to the Republicans.  We saw all the advertising signs in Annapolis whilst we were there, but also a protest – albeit only a few people – whose slogan was “Dump O’Malley”.  The pundits are pretty much agreed most people were voting against something, rather than for something.  Many states had a referendum on other topics at the same time and these included whether Maryland should review their Constitution (voters are offered the option every 20 years); whether an ambulance call out in Montgomery County should be charged back to the patient (or more accurately their insurance company); and whether slot machines should be permitted at a shopping mall in Kentucky.  Three judges were voted out of their jobs in Iowa because they had voted in favour of same sex marriages (seven judges had reached a unanimous verdict, but only three of them were up for re-election…perhaps the other four should consider their career options!).  Few seem to think Obhama will get another term in office.  There was a satirical comedian I heard the other evening quip “The two most frightening words in the English language: “President Palin””.


For those who might have thought me cowardly for not staying on the boat whilst it was out of the water, here is a picture of Melv climbing aboard to give you an idea of what’s involved: