Still(!) on the Whisky Trail

Melvyn Brown
Wed 14 Jul 2010 06:02
057:18.3N 006:21.4W
The problems encountered en route to Oban meant Zarafina had to be taken out of the water for repairs, with all the delay that implies.  Then when Melvyn left Oban (motoring because there was no wind) the prospect of bad weather ahead forced him to take shelter on Skye. 
On route he saw a shiver (...yes...really.....looked it up on Wikapedia, and that's never wrong) of 20 basking sharks.  He altered his course to avoid them, but one then altered its course to swim towards the boat.  He could only see the dorsal fin and tail, but he estimates they were 6ft apart which will give you some idea of the size.  The curious shark came within 3 or 4 feet of the boat.
Melv's mooring at Loch Harport is a mere 100yards from the Talisker distillery and his intention was to take a guided tour yesterday (13th July).  His departure from Skye will depend upon the weather (or possiby the number of free samples on the Talisker tour.....?) and then he will be heading towards Stornaway.  Because of the delays in Oban he doesn't intend going to the Faero Islands, but heading straight for Iceland.
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