Bridgeport....closed for the winter

Melvyn Brown
Sat 9 Oct 2010 16:00
41: 09.4N 73: 12.8

We sailed from Old Sayport (where Katherine Hepburn had a summer residence) to Bridgeport Seaport....only to find it closed for the winter. There were berths available (and they had left someone in charge to collect the fees!) but the somewhat twee Seaport was closed. There was a Capt'n Someoneorother restaurant (closed) and any number of wooden booths designed to look like beach huts/seaside houses in pastel colours and selling ice cream and the like ("Matters that Matter"?). They also had signposts to Istanbul, London, etc. Apparently Florida Keys are 1504 miles from Bridgeport. I'm sure it's jumping in the summer season but it looked very sad and kitsch out of season.