Heading for Iceland

Melvyn Brown
Thu 22 Jul 2010 20:39
58:37.7N 006:12.6W   
Just come off the phone with Melvyn.  He is off the Butt of Lewis and has now turned North and heading for Iceland.  When we spoke there was another hour to go before sunset and he intended staying up until midnight when he should be able to determine the volume of  traffic and whether he can afford to sleep and leave the technology to alert him to the presence of other boats.
He was sailing at 5.8 knots and has 600 miles to cover which will take four - possibly five - days.  He wants to get there before Wednesday when less favourable weather has been forecast.  He would like to stay a week but his departure will depend upon the 5-day weather forecast for the next leg of his journey.
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