Day 15 - turning point

Stravaig'n the Blue
Wed 8 Jun 2022 15:38
Position: 38:51.2 N 027:43.1 W
Position timestamp: Wednesday 8 June 2022 06:30 (UTC-1)

This position is where we stopped running east to avoid Tropical Storm Alex and started heading north-east (yet again) towards our destination. Doing this now rather than, say, tomorrow should help us to avoid the large calm patch that will develop over the Azores starting on Friday.

This afternoon and into the evening, the centre of Alex will pass us about 500 miles to the north. It is possible the big seas kicked up by the storm will be felt down this way but the forecasts of their maximum height are manageable.

Yesterday evening, as anticipated, the seas flattened off considerably once we were in the lee of the first of the central group of islands, Faial. The wind held up and we had a very fast but peaceful night.

The wind did disappear just after sunrise and we motored for about three hours until it filled in again at around 20 knots from the south-west.

We were north of São Jorge’s eastern-most point when we altered course so hadn’t made it as far as Terceira. We’ve never been to the Azores before and clearly didn’t stop on this occasion. However, through studying the pilot book, searching for anchorages and ports of refuge, I have learned a lot about them and I am sure we will be back to truly experience their utter remoteness, enjoy the spectacular scenery and learn more about their maritime and whaling history.

All is well.