Lanzarote to Grenada, end of day 1

Stravaig'n the Blue
Sun 10 Jan 2021 13:42
Position: 26:53.8 N 014:47.1 W  (45 miles north west of Cabo Falso Bojador, Western Sahara)
Position timestamp: 10 Jan 2021 12:00 WET / GMT / UTC
Distance travelled last 24 hours: 147 NM
Reduction in distance to destination last 24 hours: 90 NM
Distance travelled total: 147 NM
Average speed since departure: 6.1 knots
Shortest distance to destination: 2796 NM
ETA base on average speed so far: midday on 29 January (20 days in total)

When we reached the south east tip of Fuerteventura (Punta Lantailla) at 8 o’clock last night we continued our SSW course rather than hanging a right and heading directly west towards Grenada. There were two reasons for this. First, heading directly west would have had us passing to the south of Gran Canaria and Tenerife and, with the wind from the north, we would have been in the massive wind shadows cast by these islands. Second, it looks as though there will be very light winds along the shortest route from about the middle of this week. Taking a more southerly route should avoid us being becalmed.

Overnight, until about 2am, we were in Fuerteventura’s wind shadow so made slow progress for six hours with the sails collapsing and filling noisily in the swell. When the wind did pick up, the seas got very confused and lumpy, resulting in the boat corkscrewing through the waves. The first night at sea is never good but last night, getting to sleep and staying asleep, was particularly difficult.

The wind has increased steadily throughout the morning and is currently around 25 knots from the NNW - and no squalls since before breakfast. The lumpiness has given way to a 2-3 metre swell which is beam on at the moment so we are still being chucked about. The swell will move progressively behind us in the next day or so. This will make things more comfortable generally, involve much less standing in strange positions braced against the movement of the boat and make it much easier to get the right amount of milk in the coffee.

Food prep brace position:

We are making 8-9 knots SOG (speed over the ground) but only 6-7 knots VMG (velocity made good) towards our destination. However the wind is forecast to be from the NNE by midnight and NE by midday tomorrow. As the wind goes to the east, we will maintain the same boat angle to the wind and should be heading directly towards Grenada 24 hours from now. At that point the VMG and the SOG will be the same.

We have seen a few boats but not Diego’s rib.

All is well