Departure day minus 1, Guernsey to Lanzarote

Stravaig'n the Blue
Wed 7 Oct 2020 14:22
Position: 49.27.342N 2.32.083W

A grey, overcast day here at the Victoria marina but dry (so far) and not too windy, ideal for the day before departure tasks.

The most challenging of of these was moving the dinghy from the davits to the cockpit table, deflating and folding it up, manoeuvring it down the companionway steps and lashing it to one of the chart table seats.

Dinghy in davits (taken earlier this year). The outboard motor has to be run dry of petrol before being stowed in the sail locker at the bow.

Dinghy, deflated, folded in three and covered, lashed to a chart table seat and wedged in at the bottom with one of Linda’s yoga blocks. Perfect.

All is going well.