Notes from a yacht kitchen days 1-3

Stravaig'n the Blue
Mon 11 Jan 2021 20:35
Position: 25:25.0 N 018:04.4 W
Position timestamp: Monday 11 Jan 2021 2015 WET / GMT / UTC

We've done this lots of times now but adjusting to life at sea, rocking about in big rolling waves, always takes a few days. So our first meals on passage have been light (as in not rich and in small portions) and - mostly - fresh. I'd pre-prepped day one lunch: pan-fried chicken with Yotam Ottolenghi's cauliflower tabbouleh. This had lots of herbs and pomegranate, but no allspice, which I ran out of and it's one if those usually easy-to-find ingredients that Canarians don't feel the need for. In the early evening we had what's become a first night tradition, posh pot noodles - this time it was spicy gingery Beef Pho - you just add boiling water!

Day two was cool and breezy and lunch was a simple mixed salad with chopped-up roast pork (amazing what you can find vacuum packed in the supermarket) and some fresh from the freezer nut bread for Allan. For supper, Allan made a cherry tomato and pomegranate salad in a creamy tahini dressing while I pan-fried a few of the falafel that I'd made pre-departure. 

After sitting in a marina for a few months, cooking in rough seas, is also taking a bit of adjusting to. I had to put the cooker in gimbal mode to poach a salmon steak for today’s lunch. The pan I used was far too shallow and far too full of boiling water - next time, I'll remember to use a pan with deeper sides. We ate the salmon with a lime and tahini dressed Thai salad of shredded vegetables, baby spinach, a handful of peppery rose radish sprouts that had just finished sprouting and some crunchy cashews. For supper tonight we had black bean and yellow pepper fajitas - the last of the pre-prepped meals from the fridge. We ate them with slices of avocado and a dollop of lemony yogurt.

All is well.