Day 10 - Bermuda to Guernsey

Stravaig'n the Blue
Fri 3 Jun 2022 22:30
Position: 39:21.8 N 041:34.7 W
Position timestamp: Friday 3 June 2022 14:00 (UTC-2)
Distance travelled in last 24 hours: 173 NM (average speed 7.2 knots)
Reduction in distance to destination: 155 NM
Shortest distance to destination: 1757 NM (great circle)

Now I know what the mailasail blog software does when it receives a post containing an invalid position - it rejects the message and sends an error message saying "Failed to upload new Diary entry:  Please fix the problem and try again.”.  A reasonable response in the circumstances although some clue as to what the problem might be would be helpful.

The Day 8’s latitude has been fixed and Day 8 is on the blog. The only problem now is that Day 8 was received after Day 9 and is out of sequence. This means that on the graphic it looks as though we have turned around and are headed towards the US. (The mailasail blog software ignores the position timestamp in the post and timestamps each message as and when it is received.) To be sorted out later.

The wind was around 30 knots for much of last night so progress was good but the quality of sleep was poor. A regular reader has asked how are we sleeping given the conditions? The short answer is badly. With all of the noise and the motion of the boat it can take a while to drop off and then it seems that no sooner have you done that when a loud noise or a lurching motion wakes you up. But it is amazing what you can sleep through when you are dog tired.  Things have eased off a lot today, less wind and flatter seas, which bodes well for some sound kip tonight.

All is well.