Atlantic west to east - we have departed The Bahamas

Stravaig'n the Blue
Sun 24 Apr 2022 23:04
Position: 26:11.8 N 076:27.4 W (east of The Abacos)
Position timestamp: Sunday 24 April 2022  18:00 (UTC-4 / EDT)

We left the Spanish Wells anchorage at 07:15 and motored west for the first hour / seven miles to the cut out into deep water at Egg Island. On the way we had breakfast and readied the sails. Depths on the inside of the cut are no more than 5 meters, on the outside drop quickly to 1200 and a few miles further on to over 4000.

At Egg Island we hoisted the main sail, unfurled the headsail, switched off the engine and headed north west for a couple of miles to skirt the reefs at the tip of Eleuthera. Then we hardened up into a fresh (16-19 knots) easterly breeze that has been powering us along since then. The wave height is between 1 and 2 meters with the occasional bigger one so lots of water washing over the foredeck.

The bearing to Bermuda is 65 degrees but with the wind from the east, the best we can make is 35-45 degrees. With the wind direction not forecast to change until tomorrow evening it looks as though we will be on this tack until then. Not ideal but we are on our way.

All is well.