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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Tue 4 Jun 2013 14:43

Day 6

This is Tony… It seems to me that I skipped one of my ‘reporting’. Nevertheless… Probably I will write about a few things that my (boat) mates covered well already, if so bear with me. Thanks.

Last 4 or 5 days have been quite intensive sailing; between 6 and up to 9 knts. So we had to adjust to leaving, doing chores, and ‘sleeping’ on the ‘slope of the hill’. Not completely comfortable yet completely sailing-like! On the night shifts we ‘watch out’ for the few commercial vessels that ‘zip’ by, and of course, for our ‘sister boat’ Skyelark.

Lately we haven’t seen much marine life. But a few days ago as Emilly came up from the saloon and looked down through the stern of the boat she suddenly exclaimed ‘woo, woo, a whale!’ Right there, here, right behind the boat!!! Of course, the whale disappeared even faster that it appeared. Then, a few days ago we saw one swimming and diving by, very majestically. It even showed us its famous dive, with ‘grand’ tail fin rising up in the air and slowly diving and sinking back down into the depth of its realm. Majestically, indeed! Up some days back we also had our friends dolphins, and even more so the pilot whales swing by, and around in rather large groups. They do their motions seemingly very leisurely, and almost lazily… Just a feeling of us, humans. Again, at nights when the moon and the stars shine through the clouds we see the ocean surface like an endless glittering, silvery, diamonds dotted surface. Nice view indeed.

Right now we are over 400 NMs away from our destination. According to Emilly, the able skipper, and Stephen, a veteran sailor, we should arrive by Saturday, but likely by Sunday. So, a few more days to go!

Everyone on board is doing fine. Of course, some of us (I) do get a little bit stomach (likely just the mind…) sensitive but with strength of will that gets overcome. The feeling that I am accomplishing my dream of sailing both East-West and West-East of the Atlantic Ocean, is just great and helps immensely in any of the ‘difficulties’ of the conditions. The joy of sailing the ocean, and doing it on a safe boat, and with the pro skipper and her ‘assistant’ is great and experience very gratifying.

And now a bit about Tony’s home gang; you know guys that my main strength I really draw from the love and pride I feel for you and about you. That feeling is both source of joy and provides me with the endurance of any extreme necessary. I hope you Mikhaela will have a great, enjoyable and safe trip to Central America. Just be wise and careful…; and lovely, as you always have been. And you Roberto, the ‘landlord’! I hope you too enjoy yourself, and that you and Sarah are having lots of joy, fun, and all the rest you enjoy in. I also hope that your business is doing fine. And you, Rafaela, you our wise guide. You know I love you very much and am looking forward to coming back again; for our walks and fun and serious things we live together for. I wish you a good and enjoyable trip to Florida. Please convey my best regards to everyone down there. Love to all of you guys at home. Dad, Tony

I hope I wrote some interesting stuff….


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