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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Wed 11 Dec 2013 00:13
Log Day 17 – Fish Tales..


Last night’s watches began in high spirits following our celebratory champagne and canapés.  Everyone has stepped up to the helm and done an excellent job of maintaining a consistent speed of between 8 and 10 knots.  Position reports show that we have crept up on a number of boats ahead of us, and this has spurred everyone on to keep focused and keep moving as fast as possible (in a totally non-competitive way of course!)

Excitement arose last night with the sighting of a bright orange flashing light on the horizon.  The initial reaction was that it could be a flare but after a little investigation, plans to divert and perform a heroic rescue were averted as we worked out it was a weather buoy, quite amazingly anchored in 4000m of ocean.

Fishing was resumed this morning with a change of bait, Matts tried and tested wooden lure having failed him apparently for the first time!  The new bait seemed to work as twice this afternoon the whizzing of the reel triggered action on deck…however it seems we are destined for another chorizo supper as both times the fish got away.  It seems you just can’t get the fishermen these days! Perhaps if my Dad or brother Charlie were here things may have been different! 

Crew relations remain excellent as we look forward to the final 750 miles of adventure and the inevitable party at the other side.  As I type it seems by the noise upstairs that we may have hooked another fish…

Love to my Mum and other family/friends reading this…

Pip xx

ps. I take it all back it turns out that fish was a 50lb Sail Fish! A little bit big to get on the boat so still no fish supper but happy fishermen!