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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Thu 9 May 2013 18:13

Day 1

We are all eager to get going on the trip.  Yesterday all the crew arrived and everyone is adjusting well to our new living quarters for the next two and half weeks.  Each day that passes life on board gets easier as we are able to learn the daily routine and how all the systems work.  We’ve spent about four hours working each day and the rest of the time we are able to take some brief excursions by hiking the near-by mountain and going for a swim on a secluded beach. 

We experienced a brief weather delay yesterday and now everything is packed, stowed, and ready to go.  We’ve got a total of 5 on board for the trip to the Azores.  There are two Americans (Corbin and Evan), two British (Ben and Captain Emily) and one Scot (First-mate Stephen).  Everyone has applied their sunscreen and taken any medication for potential motion sickness.   We’ve also had a safety briefing and everyone is currently feeling confident about the voyage ahead.

At the time of writing we’re waiting to get clearance from customs as well as waiting for a small rain shower to pass.  Once we get the go ahead we will be off to sea and life will be begin to change drastically for those of us who have never experienced this type of adventure.  Everyone will be working in shifts of four hours on/off during the day and three hours on/off at night.

I would also like to send a quick note back home.  (Bang…Bang…Mmmeeeaaa). 

We will attempt to keep in touch as much as possible.

Safe travels and talk to you soon.



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