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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Sun 1 Dec 2013 21:15
Log Day 8 – The Quantum of Sausage...


So after the events of Friday night chronicled by Jan in yesterday’s blog last night was pretty quiet aboard  the Great  Escape. We had a few sharp rain showers, flashes of distant lightning and thunder and during the night about a dozen flying fish landed on the deck one of which struck Fabs (as Fabio is now known ) on the back as he sat in the cockpit in the dark. Everyone seemed strangely reluctant to remove them and, having done so, I now know why….they are especially smelly – once touched never forgotten.

We have had a lovely sail today; a modest SE  to E wind, clear skies and it is certainly warming up….even had to erect the bimini. We’ve seen pods of hunting dolphins and several whales which Peter claims can be identified by the shape and direction of their spout. Mmm.

Crew relations thus far have been exceptionally harmonious. I say thus far because something happened yesterday which threatened to  rock this happy state of affairs. Let me tell you about the mystery of the disappearing sausages. On Friday evening Nicki, Fabs and myself created  a supper…….” Saucissons d’Atlantique “ which some churlishly likened to sausages and mash. Some saugages were left over which we saved for lunch the next day, only to find when lunchtime came they had disappeared. Suspicion hung heavily in the yacht and I can tell you the matter is not completely resolved though Mike has been observed to be licking his lips a lot.

So as I write this in the early evening we have left the Cape Verde islands to astern and have turned more to the West in the direction of you know where!