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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Sun 13 Oct 2013 14:43

Day 6

Finally the day the boys have been waiting for… ahoy! A beautiful morning , sunshine on our backs but little wind Great Escape and our companion boat Skyelark are motoring in the last few miles into Bayone ( or Baiona as seems Spanish spelling) . We navigate amongst several islands before entering the calm waters of the bay . Never having seen the Atlantic side of Spain before, we are pleasantly surprised by some white sandy beaches though no one seems to be on them.

We moor up and hastily tidy up the boats so we can rush to the showers ( and toilets you can actually sit on if you are my size) and head into town. After a very civilised lunch ( paella of course) we wander among the narrow back streets which seem full of bars and very drunken people ( not us….yet) . I know it’s Saturday but at 2 pm in the afternoon seems a party is on. This is confirmed when we hear a series of very large bangs which turn out to be fireworks .We meet some well- oiled locals and even though they speak no English and we speak no Spanish , we gather that apparently every town in Spain has a fiesta day and this is Baiona’s .How lucky are we?


Above the bay is an old but restored castle which has been turned into a bespoke hotel . We decide to walk the battlements and at the top there seems to be a wedding on , so we all head back to town to meet up for dinner and for some a modest nights drinking ( what goes on a boat trip stays on the boat trip..)

A good night’s sleep and now we are about to depart for Portugal in the first rainy weather we have had…a chance to test out our brand new oily’s , Sorry no sailing to write about ; I seem to get blog duty on days we are on land!


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