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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Thu 6 Jun 2013 09:35

Day 8

Well here we are on day 8 of our trip from the Azores to Southampton and we continue to experience generally calm seas and wind that is less than preferable.  At the time of writing this update we are located at 49 degrees 59.77 N and 6 degrees 57.38 W.  The current forecast has become slightly better since overnight and we expect to continue motor sailing for the next four to six hours until the winds start to strengthen and shift around the Islands of Scilly.  At the southern- most tip of one of the islands there is a lighthouse which we hope to see in the very near future.  Also, the current wind direction, sea state, and shipping lanes within the English Channel are making navigation a bit of a challenge. 


We also expect to pick-up cell signals (at least those with a UK cell phone) around the Islands of Scilly and I’ve been trying to convince Ben to get some work done while he has a chance in case he has forgotten how.  I’ve explained to him that it’s the American way.  He has been away for much too long and deadlines have probably not been met. 


Yesterday afternoon and last night was more comfortable on board as we continued our motor sailing headed just south of due east.  It gave us all a chance to regroup, reorganize, and get some much needed rest before the last few days of the trip.  Also, it provided a good time to take a shower as there was much less rolling around within the cabin.   Dinner was also quite nice with pork chops, mashed potatoes, boiled cabbage, and baked beans.  For desert, Ben fixed another mixed fruit crumble which he created from almost nothing.  According to him, all you need to create most anything is flour, sugar, eggs, and a small wish.


It is now anticipated that our arrival will be sometime on Sunday.  If the conditions improve then our timetable could get pushed up a day or so.  As with everything out here, you can always plan but rarely does anything happen exactly on schedule.  We’re definitely on the downhill slide and looking forward to getting back to our daily routines.  The Coast Guard is now within range from their Falmouth headquarters if anything bad happens.  So far we haven’t experience any “McGregor” moments (My daughter will understand the meaning of that).  We did put about half of our fuel reserves into the main tank this morning and were fortunate not to lose any overboard.  We will have enough in reserve to finish out the trip should conditions warrant using more fuel.


I’m looking forward to being back on land and talking to everyone back home.  This week wraps up another successful school year and I know everyone is looking forward to the much needed summer holiday.  This will likely be the last blog update that gets written by me so I would like to thank everyone for keeping in touch with our daily progress and hopefully not forgetting about us as we’ve made this crossing over the past month. 




“Big Baby” Out!!!













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