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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Sun 24 Nov 2013 11:31
Saturday 23rd
So D-day minus two and the tension is mounting like the vast quantity of UHT milk and bottled water looking for storage space on the yacht .Much to the embarrassment of the guilt-ridden male  members of the crew Pip and Niki have spent endless hours buying provisions.......so now, as one of them remarked, the boat looks like a floating supermarket. Still, better to be over rather than under provisioned especially in the toilet roll department.
We are 8 ; Matt the skipper who has done about 30 Atlantic crossings so we think he knows what he’s doing, First mate Michael and his partner Pip fresh from Antibes, Niki, Fabio, Peter and Yan. And myself who is starting to feel a bit of a novice beside all this talent.We had our safety briefing this afternoon from Matt and assigned watches; 4 hours in daytime 3 at night. I’m desperately trying to find out who snores and who doesn’t......needless to say no-one has owned up. All very harmonious thus far!
Anyway the sun is sinking so time to move off for  a sundowner. And for those of you in the UK who are feeling sore about the weather out here it’s just been pouring with rain!
David  Dick