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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Sat 7 Dec 2013 13:44

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water....


There is no doubt that finding original material for a blog does become more difficult in the middle part of a passage - somewhere between the excitement of departure and the anticipation of arrival. Like the last two days, today has been warm and sunny, variably sultry and, for the most part, light winds which means our daily mileage has been less than hoped for. Some are regretting their sweepstake predictions!

However life has been far from humdrum -

As the wind eventually died and we started to motor Matt stopped the yacht for 20mins so that those that wished could swim. Despite  me humming the theme tune from “Jaws” all except Matt and I jumped in and cavorted around a line streamed from the stern and attached to a fender. Fabs gave a passable impression of a rope dancing dolphin.

The other big event of the day was the replacement of the toilet pump in the girls’ cabin. Mike and an ever eager Fabs were stripped to the waste in the cramped confines of the heads and refitted the pump. Good effort; I wanted to help guys but you know I had to do the washing up.

As the  normal world of currency fades the one of barter emerges. Jan has been especially fortunate in holding a number of useful cards…..the supply of fresh linen he found underneath his bunk, clean “2014 Great Escape “ T-shirts and a supply of flavouring for plain water called Crystal Light ( Crystal Meth to the rest of the crew ).  All these assets are carefully bartered for promises of drinks bought for him on arrival in St Lucia.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering why I didn’t get in and swim too? Lets just say when you’ve got pects like mine you don’t want to show anyone up.