Fw: 16 23 420n 33 37 780w

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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Wed 4 Dec 2013 22:35
Day 11 – Dancing the Sight Fantastic...


Another day of superb sunshine, this morning we hoisted the spinnaker with an average speed of 8 knots. We are currently competing for a top speed on the Helm held my none other than Dr David !!  The sunsets have been absolutely stunning giving a rouge effect, due to the Sahara sand and with Jupiter and Venus up there, it sets for an excellent night watch!

After much trial and error Mike, Uncle ‘Pete’ (Peter Bacon) and I have cracked the Sun sights with the sextant. With Peter’s excellent skills in mathematics it didn’t take us long to realise that we were in actual fact heading in the right direction for St Lucia, the first day we took sights Skipper Matt  was quite concerned when he saw the sights and realised we were somewhere over the Bay of Biscay, a little worrying, however we were determined to get it right and achieved sights within 1 nm of where we were.

Well my beard is still growing, and unfortunately I’m getting rather to many remarks from other crew about resemblance to ‘George Michael’ with Nikki saying I quote ‘ Fabio I’m going to throw myself over board if it gets any longer’. So after a group discussion Yankee Jan has very kindly said he will take me under his wig and show me how to groom a fine distinguished bit of facial hair, he is a specialist in this area of his many expertise, I knew my cabin buddy would come to the rescue!


The conversation is still flowing smoothly from everyone, only until Matt’s iPod got put on to some heavy metal tunes, Uncle ‘Pete’ was far from impressed by this with some words ‘rah rah’ we decided as a crew to not put him through any more pain and put some 1960’s classics on, to which he was then telling us stories of his disco dancing days!! Enough said on that.

Well that’s about it for now! Currently 1600 nm to go… smashing !!