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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Mon 25 Nov 2013 22:39
Log day 2 - Let us introduce ourselves...
We are over 24 hours and 100 miles in – we’d like to be further but the wind decided it was a school night last night so went to bed early! We had fun playing dodge the fleet in the dark so kept ourselves amused, although wallowing around in the early hours getting excited when we could make 1 knot of speed isn’t quite what we all had in mind!
So time to introduce our illustrious crew...
First and foremost in skipper Matt – a cheerful, chatty type who will answer any question you have – just be careful what you believe!
Next comes Mike, our first mate – a super sailing engineer (IT & otherwise) who never-the-less admits a penchant for cheesy euro-pop.
Then there’s Pippa, Mike’s lovely partner who’s already looking after everyone far too well – us girls have got to get these boys working Pip.
Next is Peter, efficient, smart & showing signs of becoming our master tactician.
On to David, polite, gentlemanly doctor but I reckon if we get the right music playing there might be a wild side ready to emerge!
Jan is our incognito Englishman – he claims to be an American but we’ve seen him dipping biscuits in tea & know he hasn’t shaken those English roots – he’s even tried middle eastern head-gear to throw us off the scent... it just isn’t working Jan!
Then Fabio – our super smart, motor super yacht, deck hand who’s already gone a day without seven changes of white uniform and is threatening a facial hair fest – really such lowering of standards already?!
Then there’s me, Niki – I guess it’s only fair to let someone else introduce me...
The wind has picked up today so we’re heading as fast as we can south to catch the sun... oh, & some trade winds apparently! Winking smile
Back in touch tomorrow,