Depart from Gibraltar

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Thu 11 Jun 2009 19:47
36:08.464N 02:28.383W

Sunday 25 May

Days Run 160NM

This log/web diary is being posted retrospectively due to Sat Phone comms problems when onboard Flyer!

Flyer set off from Marina Bay Gibraltar at 16:00 on Sunday 24 May in great sailing conditions with a F4'5 SWl'y wind blowing.

This was after the usual period of high activity from myself Mick and Zoe as the boat was checked over, stores and diesel were taken on board. We had actually been staying in La Linea since Wed/Thursday waiting Flyer's arrival, progress had been slow from the Azores and skipper Jeff Doolan had been motoring constantly due to light airs.

Once underway we set full main and genoa and made 7-8knots on a broad reach. We had a boat to boat call with Thornoxon who was competing in the Scottish Series at Tarbert with many of my friends onboard.

We settled into a routine of 4 hour watches which covered the relatively short night hours of 8 hours. It was great to be back on board again and good to have a relaxed start with a following breeze and sunny skies.The nightwatches were cooler than my last batch in the ARC and I found I had to ear a lightweight jacket over my shirt, tough life at sea!