Dusseldorf Boatshow Award

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sun 8 Feb 2009 21:50
ßÍw~Ë­­ªuç½öã]9×o4ÛOtÓHere are some photos of myself, Buster and Chieffy receiving the Hanse Cup
from Hanse Yachts MD Michael Schmidt as Flyer was placed 1st on corrected
time of the 7 Hanse Yachts competing in the ARC.

The Dusseldorf boatshow was a very large ( 2,000yachts) and interesting event, a
very enjoyable weekend was had in this bustling city.

The hospitality of all the Hanse Yachts staff on their stand was really first

Dave Sturrock