Fresh Breeze at Last!

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Mon 8 Dec 2008 11:28
14:20.44N 46:40.20W
Sunday 07 December, Days Run 143NM
A frustratingly slow Start to this period with the engine stopped at 02:20 as the N'ly breeze filled in at around F2-3. Flyer had boat speed of around 4-5knots although it felt much slower because of the flat seas and lack of gurgle from aft.. At 05:00 the breeze became NE allowing Big Brother to be hoisted again. However the frustration contiunued when the new breeze died and we had to resort to engine power once more. This was only needed for an hour on this occasion as the breeze returned at a strength of F3 allowing Big Brother to be released from the sailbag. Once again Flyer was averaging just over 5knots which felt a lot slower  than we would have liked. By mid afternoon the speed briefly dropped to around 3knots and a debate ensued whether we should start the engine again as this boatspeed had been our agreed parameter for diesel power. At the same time some of the crew thought it would be a good time for a mid Atlantic dip and  were in the process of rigging up a safety line. Just then the breeze finally decided to firm up and follow the forecasted strength of F4 and we were making good headway again at 7knots which was a great feeling. Flyer was making her rhumb line course although we decided to head a little to the North on a course of 300magnetic from 20:00hrs. This was because thge latest forecast had a low pressure area developing at around 50West smack between us and our destination of St Lucia, by skirting bo the North we pick up increased winds of F5 and only take a slight detour.
We now have just under 900NM to run and our ETA is most realistacilly Saturday 13 December although there is room for that date to move forward or back depending on wind shifts.
We saw 2 yachts pass to our South motor sailing during the morning otherwise nothing to report.
We received news that the 82' Swan "Dreamcatcher" had crossed the finish line at St Lucia to be first home during the afternoon having had a close fought duel with Bruce Dingwall's Matelot for 14 days.
Onboard Flyer we have continued to receive messages of support including` those from Ireland and Scotland,the Petrojarl Banff ( where I still work!) a Hanse 370 owner who had completed the 2007 ARC and a future charter party from Switzerland who have booked Flyer in January, just shows what a small world it is.
Dave Sturrock