Latitude with Attitude!

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Fri 28 Nov 2008 08:17
19:46.47N 21:25.79W
Thursday 27 November, Days Run 180NM
The freshening NE'ly trade winds gave us our best days run by the log yet as we frequently surfed abvove 10knots with a peak speed of 12knots being recorded. Flyer continued on a Southbound course  until around 17:00 hrs when we gybed to the West. We had reached our target  latitude of 20N where the forecast indicated the best winds would prevail, just by coincidence we actually turned at latitude 19:58N which just happened to have the same numerals as the year of my birth. Thus we re-inforced the 50 years of celebvration amongst our similarly aged crew!
Around 22:00hrs we put 2 reefs in the main as the wind un expectedly increased to 30knots for a time. Sea conditions remain quite comfortable with a foillowing Northerly swell which is only slowly increasing at present.However items of kit are now frequently to be found dispersed around the cabin floor due nto the increased motion.
We were visited by a large pod of around 30dolphins which came alongside in the afternoon an d stayed with us for around 20minutes. Great sport again and we have some photos this time.
We continue to progress Westwards about 200NM to the Norrth of the Cape Verde Islands and are now heading more directly towards ST Lucia which is on latitude 14N.
Dave Sturrock