Glorious Weather!

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Wed 26 Nov 2008 05:26
23:37.70N 17:55.60W
Tuesday 25 November, Days Run 133NM
The breezes have continued to be fairly light again today although gradually freshening in the afternoon to give around 14knots from the NE.We decided to stand off the West African coastline until we were around 150NM offshore and picked up a more Northerly breeze. We then gybed on to port tack for a more Southerly course again. The forecasts contine to show freshening breezes towards latitude 20N which is where we are headed. The armchair navigators at home have been out in force telling us which way to head, so thanks guys for all your input! One pleasing aspect today was we had visual sightings of several yachts during the afternoon and we were able to overhaul each of them, none of them were close enough to identify so unsure if they were in our class. The midday position reports show a mixed picture with some yachts struggling to make a 100NM in the lighter airs. We continue to fly our Scottish Saltire Gennaker nicknamed the "Blue Beast" We have now had this hoisted for nearly 48hours which is a record without breaking any gear. The weather is now officially hot as indicated by the McCann's now donning their shorts for the first time. We nearly opened the bimini for some shade but opted for a day of full sun in the cockpit, I am sure you all wanted to know that in the freezing North! We also sighted Tuna and Dolphins a couple of times today which was quite spectacular as they leapt from the water.
Footnote for PB: photo attached with crew facing forward as requested, I hope the message on the shirts is crystal clear!

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