Light Winds

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Thu 20 Nov 2008 03:09
32:15.58N 11:05.07W
Wednesday 19 November, Days Run 154NM
We had good steady winds of F4-5 from the NE overnight giving us 7-8knots of boatspeed. However during the morning these winds eased until eventually we had less than F1 and had to resort to engine power for around 6hrs.The breeze filled in again just before nightfall and we are making 6-7knots once again. The forecast is for steady winds from the NE now until we arrive at Las Palmas some time on Friday. We have been in touch with the rest of the crew onshore who have done a great job in sourcing a lot of items we will need by Sunday.As the boat needed l,ess attention to sail todfay with the light conditions we were able to work through the final ARC safety checklikst so that this can be completed quickly on arrival at Las Palmas.
We continue to see lots of wildlife with another pod of dolphin s visiting us this afternoon. Some of these were leaping clear of the water which was a great spectacle. We cannot really upload any photos until we have an onshore internet connection as our satellite based system is very slow by comparison.
With 4 of us n ow onboard the night watches are far less on erous with only 3 hours worked by each of us. This has allowed me to get more sleep each night for the first time since leaving Kos which may com e in useful with the Atlantic lying ahead.