Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Wed 19 Nov 2008 03:22
33:29.12N 08:54.60W
Tuesday 18 November, Days Run 167NM
The NE trade winds continue to blow steadily and we are making good progress South about 50NM off the Moroccan coast. We need to continue doing this as this leg is a total of 730NM from Gibralter to Las Palmas and currently we expect to arrive on Friday 21 November. This does not leave much time to complete all our tasks at Las Palmas including the race organisers safety checks. However Brian, Buster and Chieffy have now arrived in Las Palmas and they have a very large food shopping list to complete. We are also giving them other lists to work through which will greatly help our organisation in the final few days.
We had the NO.2 Gennaker hoisted most of the day which was giving us a steady 8knots with around 14knots of true breeze. However just before midnight the tack line parted and Richard called all hands on deck to douse the kite. It seems we broached a couple of times and the tack line may have snaggged the bow roller, another bit of anti-chafe required here.
The good news about heading South is the weather is warming up and oilskins are no longer needed during the night watches. We continue to eat well with steak on the menu at dinner today with skip proving he is more than just a leader of men!
Footnote for Donald MacDonald, we still have cup a soups on board which are very tasty indeed!