Approaching Las Palmas

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sat 22 Nov 2008 02:14
28:21.54N 14:42.68W
Friday 21 November Days Run 180NM
With steady F4-5 NE'ly trades blowing, Flyer has been able to show her form downwind and finally bring our destination of Las Palmas in sight. With over 2,600NM sailed since we left Kos on 01 November, it has been a challenging target to be ready for the ARC start on 23 November. I am amazed to report that we have kept to our planned schedule throughout this voyage, only delays in my travel arrangements at the outset meant we started 2 days late which has unfortunately greatly reduced our time to enjoy the festivities at Las Palmas. Oh well, just have to make up for this in St Lucia.We now have 38 NM to run before we reach the marina at Las Palmas, our ETA there is 07:00hrs local time this morning. We have appointments with the ARC office, Hanse and Simrad from around 08:15 so a busy start to the day is assured. We are also looking forward to finally joining with our 3 shore based crew members who have the unenviable task of loading the stores onboard which will certainly see Flyer sit lower in the water! As the saying goes, an army can't march on an empty stomach. If everything goes according to plan and the outstanding jobs are completed then we will join the race start on time on Sunday.
Dave Sturrock