Steady Progress

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Wed 12 Nov 2008 03:22
37:13.5N 03:39.8E
Tuesday 11 November
Days Run 144NM
After the excitement of hoisting the gennaker yesterday evening, Richard then had an early morning call around 03:00hrs today to assist with the drop. The SE wind had freshened to around 18knots which had caused several broaches. After successful hoists and drops in darkness, I am quite happy with our ability to look after this sail. We still made fast progress at around 7.5 knots with the genoa unfurled with much less fuss. However we soon had the engine on for around 7hours when the conditions went completely calm. Having reviewed our progress and the visa requirement for visiting Algiers, we have decided not to put in there after all. We will continue to press on to Gibralter, our ETA there is Friday evening. This is a slightly shorter log entry than usual as the writer is a little fatigued. With 26 of the last 29 days spent at sea this has caught up on me a bit today. It is also day 5 on the latest leg of our voyage which is highlighted as a "difficult day" for ARC participants!
On the bright side the weather is still warm and sunny although a little cooler at night.
We are also receiving lots of messages of support by e-mail from family, friends and work colleagues which has been great.