By Jupiter!

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Wed 3 Dec 2008 09:48
15:34.76N 33:21.80W
Tuesday 02 December, Days Run 145NM
First of all a planetary phenomenon to report which actually occurred on the night of 01 December. We were fortunate enough toi view Venus and Jupiter in convergence which only occurs on 01 December and 01 February. Both planets were in view close by the new moon making a fantastic trilogy, the skies soon clouded over so  it was very pleasing we had identified the planets before this happened.
The winds continued light in this period and we were able to fly our NO. 1 Gennaker ( Big Brother) throughout. This meant that when the wind dropped as low as 7knots at times Flyer was still able to make 5knots of boatspeed. The afternoon was extremely light and tedious but once again after nightfall we had as much as 16knots of true wind. This brought our speed up to 8knots and we managed one burst of 10knots which was met by the usual  enthusiastic whooping by me! We passed two yachts during the nightwatch although we then saw none during daylight. The midday positions showed we had moved up to 105 in the fleet with some boats now slowing down in the  light airs so we are happy to maintain the good progress of recent days. We are also sailing bang on our rhumb line course tom St Lucia as the wind has shifted to the SE and this is the first 24hr period we have managed this. The weather conditions remain very warm although cloudy over the last couple of days due to the low pressure system to the North.
As a belated St Andrews Day celebration ( the Scots on board were too busy racing the boat to notice the date!) we have been eating some fruitcake which was supplied by Ita Bradley with our lunch. You will all want to know what the food situation is onboard, well there is plenty left although we are n ow on tinned meals. Our frugal ship's quartermasters Brian and Richard have slowly been releasing their stores of hidden goodies which have been snapped up rapidly by the crew as usual.
Dave Sturrock