Arrived at Gibralter

Flyer of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sun 16 Nov 2008 19:26
36:08.96N 05:21.32W
Saturday 15 November
Another eventful day in the life of Flyer and her crew in a very eventful leg of our voyage.
The breeze was favourable at F 3-4 El'y and we had been flying the No2 gennaker overnight. The breeze continued to fill in untill we had a great 8-9knot reach with 22knots of wind. We took a couple of broaches just after midday so shortened the main with a single reef. Unfortunately this was not enough and the next broach saw the gennaker part company with the halyard. After a short period of trawling, we recovered the sail and snuffer intact. However we had no way of hoisting the sail again as we were out of halyards. So with the main alone we made a very late arrival at 03:00 on Sunday morning to Gibralter. There was a great deal of ship activity to weave through all around the channel and the harbour, before we enterd Marina Bay immediately South of the airport runway. There are crew Frank and Zoe were waiting patiently to help us moor  at such a time in the morning! The total leg distance since leaving Valetta on 07 November was 1,260NM. The next day or so will be spent repairing the damage from the last few days before continuing to Las Palmas