Blog 1 34:39.5N 9:15.5W

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Sat 8 Sep 2012 10:09

Position 34:39.5N  9:15.5W

Time Saturday 10.00 UTC

After a pleasant evening in Lagos with Fiona and Neil and their two friends we set sail at 10.00 UTC receiving a friendly wave from the bridge keeper at Lagos to see us on our way (nice Marina).  I set sail, rather we set motor with the main up to make is look like real men (and woman). Reality is the weather is never right for a sailor. So we are enjoying calm seas and sunshine but no wind and are motoring till about teatime (Saturday) when the gribs suggest better wind which should enable us to sail the rest of the way.  All well on board and ice to cool the drinks – what more could one ask for! Oh, I almost forgot, the engine (touch everything) is running fine, we seem to have rid ourselves of the water contamination***!!!.

Richard and Shelley