Ailsa Blog 10 Black Hole

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Thu 6 Dec 2012 20:31

Position: 14:44.349N 35:00.782W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-12-06 – 20:00 UTC


Mention the word “black hole” to Captain Kirk and the colour will disappear from his cheeks. Mention the word “wind hole” to a sailor and likewise his ruddy complexion will turn the colour of Tapioca (remember those school dinners). Now like black holes, the meteorological equivalent is a strange phenomenon – low pressure with no wind. Point being if you sail into a black hole  - yer doooomed, sail into a wind hole and you go nowhere very quickly – in fact you roll about in the swell with the sails flogging, morale in the crew quickly plummet, maybe a sea monster will emerge from the deep and more importantly you wont make in time for the rum punch.

There is such a wind hole predicted on the “rum line” to the Lucian star system. Now there are three possible solutions – sorry four. One is to (cheat and) turn your engine on, one is to wallow in the swell and the other is to navigate round it. The fourth is that Michael Fish prepared the weather chart........

So if you have noticed our heading and are wondering if we are looking for an eco trip to Venezuela, actually we are trying to navigate round the Southern margin of the wind hole.

Will the navigator screw up again, will we be swallowed up by the wind hole, will the crew mutiny, will we run out of eggs.....

We will keep you posted.