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Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Wed 27 Jun 2012 09:29
Lagos Begosh!
Arrived in Lagos tea time yesterday after a motor through calm variables through the last leg, except for 30 knots round the Cape de Vincente – respects to Nelson. At last warmth and sunshine so Shelley is happy! The summer wardrobe emerges on the last day – better late than never.
Over the past four legs we have got into our sailing stride with fresh northerly’s and principally down wind sailing. Sailing from start to finish has been great and puts the diesel fuel issues into context. The latter problem we believe is now solved.
A word about World Cruising Club. Great organisation and wonderfully cheery welcomes have contributed enormously to the trip. About Rallies – the main benefit for me has been the opportunity to tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge from other sailors. Its has also been a good “shake out” cruise in preparation for the ARC etc.
Below early morning departure in light winds from Sinesh and pontoon party the night before
Richard and Shelly
m_IMG_1230preparation   m_IMG_1226preparation