Ailsa blog 2

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Sun 25 Nov 2012 08:06

Captains log; Stardate 2012-11-25 – 07.30 UTC

T-0 – Departure date and time now Tuesday 27 Nov; 13:00 UTC

First things first. Starfleet command has decided to send out the storm troopers (racing class) first to punch a hole  through the strong South Westerly and big seas and delay the deployment of the main fleet till Tuesday when the wind (and sea state) is more favourable. A brave but sensible decision, given that enjoyment is, after all, meant to be part of the experience. In technical meteorological terms there is a secondary low over the Canaries (an unusual and unpredictable situation) with strong winds and, more importantly for us mortals, 6 metre waves! We wish the storm troopers well and will watch without envy.

The last few days has seen a general mania descend on the fleet. Scenes of mild panic were witnessed in Rolnautic (the main chandlery) as money was changing hands to swap places in the queue as the last shackles and blocks were flying off the shelves. The fresh food market was a more tranquil place perhaps because lorry loads of fresh fruit and vedge were being ferried direct to the pontoons. As Ailsa is being rationed sensibly (only 18 eggs compared to the fleet average of 76) we did not the lorry.

Our preparations are now complete, bar a couple of tweaks to the rigging, and I can confidently say we are ready to go. We did have a slight concern on Friday as I had the electronics in pieces as I tried to fit the latest gizmo and managed to short out a 15 amp fuse. A bit of perseverance (and advice from the Raymarine guys) sorted the problem although first mate was not amused with the prospect of no functioning VHF or AIS.

On Ailsa the delayed departure has led to an uplift in spirit as my excuses not to take Shelley for a walk round the architectural wonders and cafe life of the Old Town have now disappeared. Still I might get a sticky bun and a cup of morning coffee for my troubles.

If I get lost in the Old Town come and get me. I’m pretty sure Captain Kirk didn’t have to do this.........