Blog 5 28:07.65N 15:25.49W

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Wed 12 Sep 2012 20:16

Part 2 Blog 5 Position 28:07.65N 15:25.49W

Time Wednesday 17.39

Arrived Gran Canaria safely and without incident. 780 NM. Conspiracy theorists will suggest otherwise so we will provide photographic evidence at some point. Needless to say Shelley is elated at having a passage – any passage will do – without incident – I have not yet confessed to almost getting run over by a trawler on one of my night watches!!. Personally the absence of wind for about half the passage deserves a CAE report but that is just detail. 

A bit of chilling out and a few jobs on the boat then back to Blighty on Sunday

Richard and Shelley