blog 4 - butter still not melted

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Sat 1 Dec 2012 12:17

Position: 20:24.263N 22:48.245W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-12-01 – 12:00 UTC


We are clearly paying the penalty for my comments about Mauitania. We have been ambushed by a Klingon ship which has taken out our generator. They say fire at sea is the worst nightmare well we had smoke in the engine compartment arising from the generator! No flames on this occasion although the fire control team were standing by. Scotty tried to rescue the situation by changing the impellor – a pretty trick manoeuvre in a heavy sea – but the culprit appears to be the generator coil itself??? Outwith the scope of the onboard expertise me thinks. Well we have two alternative supplies of charging – the engine and the solar panels. The latter have had disappointing use to date but there is sun today so that will help.

Despite this we continue at (for us) warp speed towards the star system known as Lucia. The ride is a interesting with a 4 m swell and 25knots true wind and current progress is 180nm per day.

As yet the butter has not melted but we are very close to 20 degrees north and then for sure Shelley will be sunning herself on the poop deck..

Will we be ambushed again?? Hopefully Neptune will be on our side