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Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Mon 10 Sep 2012 09:08

Part 2 Blog 3 Position 30:48.53N 11:04.77W

Time Monday 09.00 UTC

Shelley has not taken to my karaoke sessions on my night watch which is a great pity as I was hoping to qualify for Rio 2016. Last night I had to dance round two Russian factory trawlers. They are big and with lots of lights seemingly prowling (and plundering) the oceans rather like something out of POTC. Talking of which we got a friendly wave from a small Moroccan fishing boat or perhaps they were shaking their fists because we got too close to their nets – we will never know but I will keep with the first view. I think Shelley was rather hoping that Johnny Depp was on board.  Weather wise we have put on hold our baked beans plan B and now have a favourable wind and joy Le Mer  continue tranquille!

Richard and Shelley