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Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Tue 27 Nov 2012 07:19

Captains log; Stardate 2012-11-27 – 06:51 UTC

T - 0 – Countdown has restarted; 13:00 UTC

The storm troopers have battled gamely and now the mere mortals are about to depart. Will it be a case of the Three Hundred against the Atlantic Waves? The weather forecast actually looks good for fast passage to 19 N 20 W (just north of Cape Verde) before we turn west. This way the footsoldiers will miss the worst nature has to put in our way but we will still make good time

I managed to squeeze the last widget out of Rolnautic and another six eggs were sneaked aboard -until that is the cockroach police prevented the shopping bag from coming below and to my embarrassment I was found out, my punishment that I will have to sail for the next five days with the safety line wrapped tightly round my neck – no bad thing perhaps given the sea state.

A “last supper” was held last night and the mood in the camp remained upbeat despite water replacing the normal diet of beer and wine – to be truthful the beer is pretty watery anyway.

Patches are in place (thanks Val in pharmacy) and final preparations are now underway. We will slip moorings in T – 160 mins.

Will there be a Klingon ship in the acceleration zone?  Will the Empire strike back?

We will report from sea................