Ailsa blog 12 - Sqaulls

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Mon 10 Dec 2012 12:14

Position: 12:24.878N 43:14.609W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-12-10 – 11:30 UTC


One of the phenomena of “trade wind” sailing are “squalls”. These are small areas of cloud characterised by increased wind speed and rain. They come up behind you, are easily spotted in the day but less so at night. They are not such an issue if your prepared for them – typically the wind speed increases by 2 forces for about 30 minutes so if you are caught with too much sail up then you might incur damage. The included photo is typical. We had our first significant squall last night and actually it was quite exciting – we really “motored” for a short time.

With regard to the engine (now necessary to keep our batteries charged) the AA refused to come out – something to do with membership had expired at the beginning of the month and it would take a week to process a new one. “Sorry Sir we cant be of further assistance; can I remind you that this call is being monitored for quality purposes - so don’t give me any abuse - and could you put out your red triangle to warn other users”. So Scotty got his head stuck into the engine compartment, changed the primary fuel filter which sorted the problem. We have learnt our lesson and sought forgiveness from Ainsleyeus. Low and behold there came an excellent wind last night and we have made good progress.

Looking ahead at the gribs there looks to be little or no wind for Friday through Sunday so Ainsleyeus may need to be a little more tolerant.


We will keep you posted.