Blog 4 - sailing

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Wed 28 Nov 2012 14:21

Position: 25:01.802N 16:40.112W


Captains log; Stardate 2012-11-28 – 14:00 UTC


We slipped moorings on schedule and started to “boldly go”.

Sure enough a Klingon ship lay in wait off the Airport. In fact there were two – acceleration zone and a squall with heavy rain! The pristine shorts got soaked and it was back to oilys – I thought we had finished with those in Biscay.

So the new boots really have come in useful – thanks Obs and Gynae.

We are settling into life at sea. The winds have been moderately strong and we have covered a little over 200 nm in the first 24 hours. The prepared meals will come into their own as we do roly poly. We have heard from our SSB net and Shelley has abandoned the idea of using the washing line.

No other demons yet but we are prepared...