Blog 1 - T-3

Ailsa at Sea
Richard Kennedy
Thu 22 Nov 2012 08:17

Captains log T-3; Stardate 2012-11-21 – 07.30 UTC

T-3 and counting...

First blog of the trip and I am rusty but I will give it a try. Preparations are well advanced – or rather we keep thinking we have done everything and something else crops up. Have we cooked enough spag bol? Will it be four loaves or five? Have we finally abandoned fresh milk for UHT? What are the special treats we have told to plan for at what intervals? – my suggestion of sausage beans and chips did not go down well with the crew – indeed when are the intervals for special treats? perhaps surviving the acceleration zone at the South end of Gran Canaria intact? Perhaps 24 hours without using a motor through the “wind shadow”?

The last ten days have flown by and there has been little time for looking back however we will never forget the wonderful send off we received from friends and colleagues at UHCW. Thank you so much for those who came to both our leaving dos and particularly to Lisa for organising my event, Ian for speaking and doing the MC and Andy for his generous words. It was a great evening and Matthew stole the show. I am wearing my new watch (will it beam me up Scotty when the going gets tough?) and for the first few night watches at least the boots will give added comfort.

The last few days at work were very emotional and apologies to Fiona for the tears. As we went round the house turning off switches that had not been turned off for ten years or more I was reminded of the scene in 2001 when Hal was shut down.... Now T-3 and an ocean beckons – will the world really be round? Will there be giant sea monsters emerge from the deep at night? 

I will keep you posted.

Richard and Shelley