Travelling South towards Grenada

Thu 18 Apr 2013 13:48
15:34.877N 061:27.887W
Saturday April 13
We have been on a mooring off Portsmouth on Dominica for the last three days, having got here via Deshaies on Guadeloupe and Bourg des Saintes both visited when we were heading north in mid March.  We also stopped in Dominica on our way up the islands but didn't have time, and the weather wasn't in our favour, to do much exploration ashore (we did the Indian River trip when it rained solidly for 3 hours!) so we wanted to have another go. The weather certainly looked more hopeful this time so we booked onto any land tour that our 'boat boy' Martin of boat Providence was able to arrange with like minded individuals!
                Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth in the sunshine!                    Mouth of the Indian River in the sunshine!
The day dawned with us being collected from Petronella and then we were taken together with another seven assorted yachties (4 American and 3 Norwegian) on an island mystery tour in his taxi. It was a busy day and we saw a lot of the island - we visited charming fishing villages, hiked to scenic waterfalls and swam underneath them, lunched on local foods including breadfruit, dasheen, yam and plantain overlooking a beautiful bay, visited a Carib village where we bought intricate basket work, helped to move a newly built dug out canoe and visited the Red Rock coastline and plenty more!   Martin trained as a botanist and was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna which added even more to the experience. We came back laden with Lemongrass, Bay Leaves, Vanilla and a local "apricot".
                 Fishing village on the West coast of Dominica                   Carib Indians with their handmade baskets and
                                                                                                               Martin with his homemade beard!
                            Dug out canoe on the move                                             Carvings in the red rock sand
                          Whose in the dog house?                                                Hampstead Beach, North Coast
                                                                                                         one of the sets for Pirates of the Caribbean
                                                     Yet another spectacular rainbow off Portsmouth
We plan to spend the weekend here as there is a regular cruisers' BBQ on the beach on Sunday which we thought would be a bit of fun before moving on to Martinique.
We are heading south with very mixed feelings.  In some ways it is good to be revisiting places that we are familiar with and getting to know them better  We are also beginning to look forward to returning home after six months and meeting up with friends and family . On the other hand we will miss the buzz of pushing on and exploring new places and new experiences. The grass is always greener and all that!!